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Is it time you got the knowledge and skills you need to drive your business forward? This marketing course will put you on a programme for success.

The PUSH Academy delivers marketing training courses and business skills training, learning, development and support to small businesses, SMEs and start-ups in Norfolk and across East Anglia.

We also provide distance learning, support and mentoring, as well as online marketing training courses.

What Will I Learn?

On this course you’ll be personally mentored through a practical study course on the foundation strategies and tactics for marketing, sales and business growth. You’ll learn tried and tested marketing concepts that produce tangible results and over the long-term.

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When & Where?

The next Academy Term starts in Spring 2015. Study Days and Mentoring take place at our Training Center at Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk.

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How Much?

This course is designed to give you simple access to quality training, mentoring and full support. Benefit from our Monthly Training Package and pay as you go.

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What Next?

Interested and want to know more? Your next step is to download a free copy of the PUSH Academy Foundation Course Prospectus today.

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Our Foundation Marketing Training Courses includes direct training and full mentor support, helping you to build a practical and effective Marketing Plan appropriate to your business needs and aspirations.

This unique training Programme, together with our other Short Courses, One and Half-Day Seminars, Workshops and other training events, helps you to understand the fundamentals of good marketing.

If you’re serious about growing your business and want to know how to plan and manage your marketing this Course will help you understand how marketing really works.

Here’s just one example:

Steve Gaskin PUSH Academy Student
“In 2010 I became an inaugural student on The PUSH Academy, run by Nial Adams and his PUSH Marketing Team, based in Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk. Together with other local business people, we started the Experience in October 2010. I use the word “Experience” because a marketing “course” sounds bland and uninspiring.
Nial has designed an experience which is practical and is meant to have a rapid and direct impact on the business. His experience and enthusiasm is infectious. This instills a great feeling of positivity and has given me even more confidence to develop our marketing.
In fact, after the first course meeting and listening to Nial I followed his advice and I secured a new contract in London for nearly £1000, just 48hrs later. This is just the start of an exciting experience over the next few months.
I would highly recommend this different, exciting and inspirational Experience, which has and will continue to increase my bottom line!” – Steve Gaskin, Founder, Right Angle Events


Study with Real-life Experience -

Marketing BlogsOur Principal Tutor, Nial Adams, is an acclaimed Business Growth Specialist, with over two decades of experience in sales and marketing.

For over two decades Nial has carved out a reputation for real-world business expertise, working with a wide array of clients and organisations. A blogger and advocate for the power of Social Media Nial is in the top 10% of influencers online (independently verified by He has been described as a ‘Success Designer’ and collected a large portfolio of Testimonials.

Over ten years ago Nial was personally mentored by one of the UK’s leading marketing gurus, giving him a deep and thorough insight into the way marketing really works. Today he shares the essential knowledge he gained with his clients, students and the business owners he mentors. As well as a public speaker and trainer, Nial is also author of Make Marketing Work, an extensive online learning resource.

“Nial is what I regard as the Marketer’s Marketer, a true expert in his field, Nial’s insight and easy-to-use strategies have enabled my business to make a quantum leap in results. Nial is the person for anyone looking for spectacular results. Do whatever it takes to get this guy!” – H. Volkan, Chairman – Volkan & Associates


Your Business Propulsion

This Business Development Programme is delivered throughout the year at our Training Centre just outside Norwich, Norfolk. Designed to work as part of your business activity this Course has a major advantage that you will benefit from; the training and mentoring schedule is set over four months and is designed to be applied as your progress through the Programme.

This is not simply an academic exercise, it’s about you discovering sales and marketing skills, that you can apply at both strategic and tactical level, and propel your business results forward as you progress through the learning.

Gaining a solid Foundation in core business skills is the bedrock of being successful. Perhaps you’ve never had the time and opportunity to give yourself a dedicated study of these; perhaps that time and opportunity is right here, right now –

You will Learn and start to Apply:

  • Founding Principles of Marketing & Business Growth
  • Structure, Planning and Direction
  • Working with Budgets and Resource
  • Define Your Business & Build Your Proposition
  • Establish Your Marketing Assets
  • Brand Building vs. Direct Marketing
  • Establishing Customer Value
  • Permission Based Marketing
  • Integrating your Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Synchronising Multiple Marketing Channels
  • Creating Leverage and Hyper-Leverage in your Marketing
  • How to Write Effective Sales and Marketing Copy
  • Understanding & Using PR
  • How to Joint Venture & Collaborate
  • Using Social Media for growth

This acclaimed marketing training course from The PUSH Academy combines THREE key ingredients:

Structured Learning – this centers around classroom-based learning, in small, private groups. You get the opportunity to learn and develop your Core Business Skills under the direction and support of a professional business tutor with over fifteen years of personal experience.

Building Your Plan – most training courses focus on knowledge and learning but fall short when it comes to helping you actually apply this knowledge. A fundamental part of this marketing training course is the creation of your Marketing Plan. You’ll learn how to create a plan, which you will start working with straight away.

Direct Business Mentoring – the final but equally important part of this programme is the direct and personal mentoring you will benefit from. Every student is personally mentored by Nial Adams, the Principal Tutor; helping you to check your learning and keeping you on track as you progress.


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