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Your Flying Start – Small Business Training That Gives You Wings!

Starting a new business of your own is both exciting and daunting. If success was purely down to enthusiasm and ‘passion’ then most new start-ups would go on to great things. However, as we’ve learned over the past two decades, being passionate about your new business is just not enough.

You need to give yourself the edge and be fully prepared. You need business start-up training that will give you the tools to succeed…

Especially in the current climate, getting your new business airborne requires a lot more than just the right attitude; you really need Core Business Skills. We’ve seen lots of businesses fail, not because of the product, service or marketplace but because the owners and managers just don’t have enough knowledge of how to tackle the vital business issues, like sales and marketing.

Marketing Course in Norfolk for new startups and growing businessesFlying Start, a unique Startup Business Training Programme is part of the Regional Enterprise Gateway initiative from The PUSH Academy. It provides a route to practical startup business training that’s designed to fit exactly around you and your new enterprise. More importantly it helps you access training that will become a highly valuable asset as you take those first steps and progress.

There’s one big myth in world of the business start-ups that needs busting; knowing your products or services and being good at what you do is simply not enough, you need to know HOW successful businesses really work. And there’s almost nothing as important as knowing how you’re going to market and sell what you have.

That’s why The PUSH Academy was created in 2010 to help new and growing businesses really get to grips with the fundamentals. The Foundation Course is based on real-life experience, practical knowledge and proven results. Presented by acclaimed Marketing and Business Growth Specialist Nial Adams, this course is designed to equip you with the tools you need to give your start-up the very best chance of succeeding.

“Nial’s short gig on marketing taught me more in that presentation than I have learned for some time! I would have gladly paid £100 plus for that input. I followed his advice, picked up the phone the next day and secured £1,000 worth of business from existing customers!!!” Steve Gaskin – Right Angle Events.

This Four-month Startup Business Training Course includes one Group Study Day per month, where you’ll have the time and space to focus on learning about what really makes a business work and how to avoid the common mistakes in marketing and sales. During the Programme you’ll be developing you very own Marketing Plan and show exactly how to implement this, in  real-time, in your business. And most of all you’ll get personal and direct Mentoring from Nial Adams, helping you along the way and ensuring you stay on track.

Here are just some of the things you’ll be learning:

  • What the FIVE Key Turnover Drivers are and why they are vital to your business
  • What really matters when creating a Marketing Plan and how easy it is when you know how
  • The crucial difference between selling and inviting customers to buy from you
  • How a systemised approach to marketing can multiply your sales results fast
  • The Number 1 Golden Rule in Marketing that most ‘experts’ don’t want you to know!

Free Training Credits – Regional Enterprise Gateway

As part of our goal to help as many small businesses as possible we’re working closely with a number of organisations, including The Chamber of Commerce, Banks, etc. and offering the chance to claim Free Training Credits. Each successful applicant will benefit from £100 of credits, which can be used towards the purchase of our Foundation Course, or our regular Short Business Seminars.

To find out if you qualify and make your application please visit this page and send us your details HERE – Please note, this is a limited offer and we accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Your personal contact information is also treated with respect and never shared.

If you want to know more about this Startup Business Training Initiative and how you can benefit, or if you just want to discuss your situation and confirm if this training is right for you, please call us today – 0843 289 6877 (lo-call number).

If you’re getting your business ready to take off, then let us help you get a Flying Start!

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Learn with Nial Adams

Nial Adams Business Speaker and Author of Make Marketing Work

Nial Adams is an acclaimed Business Growth Specialist with over two decades of business experience. Now he shares his knowledge and experience with you through this unique Marketing Course in Norfolk, UK.

“Nial Adams is one man who I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to rapidly grow their business. He has a unique knack for being able to see the big picture without losing sight of what you need to do, day-to-day, to make it happen. If you want more customers without any bull then you need to speak to Nial.” – Joe Gregory, Co-author of The Gorillas Want Bananas

Nial started his first business at the age of 19 and learned the ropes from the ground up. Nial initially set up a specialist training company working in the Security Industry. Working in Norfolk and then expanding his business interests nationally he quickly grew a reputation for quality and service.

In the 1990’s Nial worked in the United States and the emerging states of the new Eastern Europe, setting up new companies and teach others how to market their businesses.

Returning to settle in the UK, Nial continued to be involved in sales and marketing and for over 20 years his experience has included working for large corporates, as well as the UK Franchise industry and with SMEs, Micro and Solo Business owners.

Nial has worked with hundreds of business owners and has a passion for helping start-ups who want to find their feet and forge ahead, confident that they know what they’re doing.

Also, an acclaimed Speaker, Writer and Mentor, Nial has taken the platform at various business events nationally giving Keynote presentations and delivering seminars on the subjects of marketing and business growth.

His appearances include ‘Britain in Business’ and ‘Going for Gold’, sharing the platform with some of the UK’s top enterprise thought-leaders. Nial has also worked with LloydsTSB and Barclays Bank, presenting seminars and workshops on Marketing for Business.

In 2010 Nial was co-Founder of The PUSH Academy for Business and continues his work as Principle Tutor for this today. In 2013 Nial wrote and created a brand new eLearning experience for business owners; Make Marketing Work. This online learning resource is also supported directly by Nial, who provides Tutor Mentoring and Business Support to Learners.

Nial is also Author of Make Marketing Work, a unique and practical way to learn about marketing online. You can access a Free Sample of his ecourse HERE.

Read Nial’s Blogs – Follow Nial on twitter, facebook and Google+

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