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Now you can learn how to put Sales and Marketing at the heart of your growing enterprise with this business training course in Norfolk.

The PUSH Academy for Business was created in 2010 by Nial Adams. Designed specifically to meet the needs of new and growing businesses who want to learn how marketing really works.

Having reviewed a wide range of business training, including small business start-up training, government sponsored business training course, management training, etc. Nial recognised that there was a real lack of practical business training for owners and managers of SME enterprises.

Most business training courses offered are academic in style and traditional in content. It may be useful to learn about the history of marketing or even how large corporate organisations apply brand marketing to help them capture ‘market share’.

However, this is a long way from reality when you run a Small or Medium size Enterprise and have a small budget to work with. You need facts about proven ways to consistently create sales opportunities and profits. You need tactics and strategies that can be applied fast.

Small business owners know that spending money on advertising and marketing activities can frequently be a waste of time and the experience feels much more like gambling and less like investing. Marketing should never be about how much money you can afford to lose before you get it right; it should be about learning ‘the system’ and knowing how to play to your strengths.

For a number of years the marketing industry has worked on the basis that many business owners are able to be convinced to take a risk and try something new, often in the hope that activity and sales will automatically flow from it. In truth many people experience poor results and waste both money and time.

This is then repeated over and over again; a revolving door of hope and expectation, then disappointment.

Good marketing practice is a fundamental of every business. We consider this Core Business Knowledge and firmly believe that every business owner or manager needs to understand how marketing really works. The route to this is through business training proven to deliver results.

The PUSH Academy is a practical, hands-on business training course for those with the responsibility for sales and profits. Many of our students are business owners and we also welcome managers who can influence the marketing direction of the company or organisation they represent.

Unlike some forms of business training offered our Academy is totally independent. We’re not externally funded and not driven by political agenda. We have no targets imposed us and don’t subcontract trainers or other providers. Most of all, our trainers are seasoned professionals with direct personal experience of actually running businesses – not arm-chair theorists.

Course material is produced from real life experience and application of marketing tactics and strategies. With a constant focus on Research and Development we ensure our material is cutting edge and helps you to understand the massive changes experienced in marketing today.

Above all, we have one key objective; to get you to the result you want and need fast. By attending The PUSH Academy you’ve giving yourself the chance to cut the learning curve significantly. Most business owners spend years, and a lot of money, in trial and error. Many never make it and perish as a result.

Academy ProspectusThrough practical learning, from credible business training, following a bespoke plan and with the support of Mentors who have walked their talk, you’re giving yourself the very best chance of succeeding. To find out more about this Programme please view our Course Prospectus, which is available as a downloadable PDF – HERE.

Please view our Course Student Testimonials to read what others have experienced and why The Academy is highly recommended. Then the next step is in your hands.

We look forward to hearing from you. We offer all interested applicants a Free Training Consultation. A 30-45 minute telephone call will enable us to confirm if our Programme is right for you.

Call us today on 0843 289 6877 or email us now: info@thepushacademy.co.uk

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