Nial Adams – Business Mentor, Speaker and Marketing Specialist

Here are just some of the comments and feedback we have received about our Principal Tutor –

“Nial Adams is one man who I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to rapidly grow their business. He has a unique knack for being able to see the big picture without losing sight of what you need to do, day-to-day, to make it happen. If you want more customers without any bull then you need to speak to Nial.”

Joe Gregory – Co-author of “The Gorillas Want Bananas” –

“Nial is what I regard as the Marketer’s Marketer, a true expert in his field, Nial’s insight and easy-to-use strategies have enabled my business to make a quantum leap in results. Nial is the person for anyone looking for spectacular results. Do whatever it takes to get this guy!”

Hakan Volkan – Chairman – Volkan & Associates

“The recent event at Spowston Manor was outstanding! Nial’s gig on marketing taught me more in that presentation than I have learned for some time! I would have gladly paid £100 plus for that input. I followed his advice, picked up the phone the next day and secured £1,000 worth of business from existing customers!!!”

Steve Gaskin – Right Angled Events –

“Nial has just presented at our recent conference for image consultants. I knew he would be good, but the feedback has been overwhelming – “10/10″, “can’t wait to start”, “he made it sound so easy” and so on. All small businesses should speak to Nial before spending their well-earned money without a guaranteed return on investment”.

Sue Donnelly – Events Director, The Federation of Image Consultants

“The excellent feedback we continue to get from everyone we’ve referred to you leaves us with no doubt at all that you really know your stuff! You’re a star!”

Debbie Jenkins – Acclaimed Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur –

“Nial, I’m getting there! Very busy, which is great. Had the daft idea to look at my cashflow, which I did when I first started. Apparently I’ve hit my month 30 target for cash in by month 7!! – That’ll teach me to work with you!!”

David Nicolls – Property Tax Specialist

Nial Adams, Business Mentor, Speaker, Writer and Tutor

Nial Adams, Business Mentor, Speaker, Writer and Tutor