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Q. “What if you could save 10 years of learning and get a shortcut to better marketing results?”

I’m guessing that you’ve already tried lots of ideas and wasted a lot of money. You’re frustrated, confused and looking for some sound advice. Or perhaps you’re just starting out and need someone to show you the ropes? Marketing is actually much simpler than most people ever realise; you just need to learn and understand some proven core basics, then apply them logically.

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I’m delighted to announce the release of the New Edition of The Marketing Index, my 64-page Free Marketing eBook containing a wealth of information and guidance on how to approach your marketing.

You can request this at the bottom of this page, download it today and start improving your marketing straight away!

Written for the owner or manager of any small business or SME, this free Marketing eBook shares my personal experience of over 20 years in business. My aim is simple; to give you a shortcut and help cut your learning curve significantly.

The ideas and tactics shared in The Marketing Index are proven to work and this is exactly what we teach at our Marketing Training Courses and with clients nationwide.

“Nial is what I regard as the Marketer’s Marketer, a true expert in his field, Nial’s insight and easy-to-use strategies have enabled my business to make a quantum leap in results. Nial is the person for anyone looking for spectacular results. Do whatever it takes to get this guy!” – H. Volkan

So now I want to give you a risk-free way to get your hands on this and then decide for yourself.

Nial Adams – Author and Principal Tutor

What’s inside this Marketing eBook?

This eBook includes valuable advice on the following:

1. Buying More Customers: Stop selling and find out how you can buy customers for profit!

2. Effective Advertising: Using Media – Newspapers/Magazines/Trade Journals/Yellow Pages & Directories

3. Free Publicity: Harness the power of PR and your local press. A simple guide to creating free marketing

4. Direct Mail: How to write effective sales letters and literature – that really get people buying

5. Co-operative Marketing: Affinity Marketing – how working with others can slash your marketing spend

6. Digital Marketing & Email: Using New Media and Online marketing tactics without spending a fortune

7. Social Media: The new powerhouse of marketing that nobody can ignore!

8. Customer Management: Manage your Referrals, Repeat Sales and learn Up-selling & Cross-Selling

9. Radio: Advertising ‘deals’ better value than you might expect, & more PR opportunities

10. Low-Cost Marketing Ideas: Simple ideas to create marketing results at low cost for fast and profitable results

11. Telemarketing: How to use  the telephone to market and sell your services and products

Getting your marketing right really isn’t difficult and like most things in life it’s all about understanding the basics. Sadly, too many people in the industry like to make it sound complicated and expensive. The fact is that with new media and current technology getting good results from your marketing is easier and better value than ever before.

This free marketing eBook also contains a number of ‘health warnings’. I’ve seen hundreds of businesses waste enormous amounts of money over the years and I really don’t want you to make the same mistake. This is especially important if your new to business or you want to start your own business from scratch.

Most importantly, I want you to know that if you follow the advice and commit yourself to focusing on the basics you can and will see a dramatic improvement. This free Marketing eBook has been written for the lay-person, it avoids jargon and sets out clearly what you should be focusing on.

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