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influential sales and marketing

Influential Sales And Marketing

– How To Get More People To Buy More From You –

“Your approach to Sales & Marketing will be one key thing that decides your business success…

It’s more important than just about anything else you’ll ever do!”

It’s no longer good enough to have a product or service that you love and think is great. It’s not enough to simply ‘get your name out there’ or spend your time and money on yet more ‘Spay-and-Pray’ marketing ideas.

It’s not enough to have lots of people who might just be interested in your offering. Or have ‘lots of enquiries’ but no closed deals.

You need profitable sales.

Fortunately we live in a time abundant with marketing and sales opportunities. We’ve seen massive changes in marketing over the past decade and even in the past two years we’ve witnessed quantum leaps in online marketing that now makes it easy, quicker and more cost effective than ever to market your products and services.

So why do so many people still struggle with sales and marketing?

For the most part the answer is simple and blindingly obvious; these people don’t actually do any marketing. Sure, they work a little on getting their name out there but that’s just not enough these days; customers are far more astute and informed.

Occasionally these business owners buy a marketing or advertising opportunity and bask in the glow of a short-lived PR exercise; still with no meaningful result. And yet they continue to do the same things, over and over again, and yet expect a better result to turn up.

While others work hard at their marketing, read the books, do the courses and learn from those with experience and a track record. And yet no matter how much time and effort goes in, the results still don’t turn up the goods. So why isn’t it working?

There are THREE KEY THINGS you need to get your marketing working and start producing profitable sales:

  1. A proposition that gets people seriously excited
  2. An offer that is truly value-led and clearly expressed
  3. A way to influence your customers at a deep emotional level

You will achieve this when you learn how to use Influential Sales & Marketing…

The Speaker – Nial Adams, Founder of The PUSH Academy

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“In over twenty year in business, fifteen of those as Marketing Consultant and Business Advisor, I’ve  come to realise one very important thing; your Sales and Marketing comes alive when you have the power of Influence. Being truly influential in your Sales and Marketing is the magical ingredient that can be so illusive. And it’s so very important.”

Starting his first enterprise at the age of just 19 Nial successfully ran a Security Training company for eight years, working the UK, Eastern Europe and the US. With a background in corporate life, a total of eight years experience in the UK Franchise Sector, Nial has spent the past twenty years learning the science and art of Influence and Persuasion.

Hakan Volkan Testimonial

Today Nial trains, develops and mentors business owners, managers and aspiring entrepreneurs. Nial is also Author of Make Marketing Work, a full online e-learning course for business owners and start-ups.

Trained by some of the world’s top Thought Leaders on the skills of Influence and Persuasion, Nial has shown others exactly how to understand and use these methods and concepts to rapidly increase results.

Now it’s your turn… 

Become Highly Influential –

So if you want to see massive growth in your results there’s one vitally important thing you can do; LEARN HOW TO INFLUENCE through your Sales and Marketing.

When your Influence Factor is running at peak levels you’ll experience some interesting and powerful effects:

  1. Customers will want to do business with you, they’ll seek you out over your competitors
  2. People will look for reasons to buy your products and services, and become connected to you
  3. You’ll increase your profits, consistently, with customers buying from you on a regular basis
  4. Selling will become easier and more natural; your customers will want to say ‘yes please’
  5. Your customers will bring new business to you through referrals and recommendations
  6. You will gain brand positioning as the ‘go-to’ business for your industry or product/service
  7. You’ll build a reputation that keeps growing and adds real capital value to your business

And above all… You’ll see your bottom line profits grow and keep growing as more people buy more from you!

It’s time to become Influential, and that time is NOW!

Your Personal Invitation –

This July The PUSH Academy is launching a new open event, giving you ‘access all areas’ to some of the most impactful and effective sale and marketing strategies and tactics used today.

These Enterprise Accelerator Events are a short, faced-paced way for you to find out what the really successful business owners and entrepreneur have been using to drive massive profits, build huge reputation and create real wealth from enterprise.

Your Seat Is Waiting – Influential Sales & Marketing with Nial Adams Monday 7th July 2014 An Open Event at The PUSH Academy, Drayton Old Lodge, Norwich, Norfolk. Limited seats for this event and an opportunity to benefit from free training credits.

What You Will Learn -

  • Learn how the art of attraction marketing, where new and repeat customers seek you out
  • Learn how to sell more than your competitors and still charge more than they do
  • Learn how turn selling into a natural, seamless process, where customers are ready to buy
  • Learn how to convert every opportunity into a way to build long-lasting customer relationships
  • Learn how you can maximise the value of your marketing efforts and make marketing work for you
  • Learn how adding one word in an advert can more than double your sales result and profits
  • Learn how to position yourself and begin building a reputation with value and kudos
  • Learn how successful businesses really grow, make increasing profits and become leaders


Design Your Success –

Your success in business is directly related to how influential and impactful you are in your Sales & Marketing. From the very first contact you want your customers to feel compelled to do business with you and buy your products and services.

“Is this really possible?” – Yes, absolutely!

When you understand how Sales and Marketing really work and focus on increasing your Influence Factor some amazing things can happen. So how can you become highly influential and avoid that sinking feeling you get every time someone says “Thanks, I’ll think about it”…?!

If you’ve watched hard-earned profits spent on marketing go to waste, if you’ve watched your customers walk away without buying (and go direct to your competitors) and if you’ve ever wanted to drive up results to where you KNOW they should be, then this event is a must-attend opportunity for you.

Testimonial from Joe Gregory Acclaimed Marketing Specialist and ‘Success Designer’ Nial Adams shares some of the most powerful sales and marketing tactics that influence customer behaviour and produce massive sales results.

Test Drive the PUSH Marketing Academy through this ‘Access All Areas’ Event and find out why previous Academy Students recommend it so highly! From time-to-time we offer Academy Open Events, giving you the chance to benefit from powerful and valuable learning not available anywhere else. You’ll experience just how our Programmes help businesses owners and managers take a quantum leap in results and growth.

With a new Academy Term coming up for September 2014 now is the chance to attend this Half-Day Open Event and get hands-on with real sales and marketing knowledge that WILL drive your business forward.

Book Your Seat(s) Today –

PLEASE NOTE: Places are strictly limited to just 25 tickets – and our previous events have been sold out!


This event has been Sponsored through Enterprise Training Credits issued by The PUSH Academy – Standard Ticket Price – £97 per delegate…

Early Bird Sponsored Tickets – £47 (strictly limited)


Book before 1st July and get a SECOND GUEST TICKET FREE (worth another £97)

Invite your business colleagues, Marketing manager, Sales Manager, etc.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Attend This Event:

1) In business you need every possible advantage and competitive edge you can get

2) Find out this knowledge before your business opponents do and beat you to the punch

3) With a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee you’ve got no risk and everything to gain…

Risk Free Guarnatee

What to Do Next –

1. Use this site to book your seat. If claiming the Early Bird Offer please book your Primary Seat and we will contact you with details of how to reserve your Second Guest Seat for Free.

2. Add your booking to your diary or calendar; you’ll also get an email from Eventbrite to confirm your place and provide a receipt for your payment.

3. Contact us if you have any questions or want to know more before you attend – please call on 0843 289 6877

4. We’ll see you on the 7th at Drayton Old Lodge. Registration is from 9am with the Seminar starting at 9:30am sharp!


Can’t Make This Event? –

If you’d like to have attended this event but just can’t make the date, and would like to attend the next Influential Sales & Marketing Seminar, please send us your details through the form below and we’ll keep in touch and add you to our guest list for the next event. Or just give us a call.

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influential sales and marketing with Nial Adams


Standard Seat Booking – £97.00

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Early Bird Special Offer – £47.00

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Outstanding Results

“The recent business event at Spowston Manor was outstanding! Nial’s gig on marketing taught me more in that presentation than I have learned for some time! I would have gladly paid £100 plus for that input.

I followed his advice, picked up the phone the next day and secured £1,000 worth of business from existing customers!!!”

Steve Gaskin – Right Angled Events


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“Knowledge is Power!” – I’m guessing that you’ve already tried lots of ideas and wasted a lot of money. You’re frustrated, confused and looking for some sound advice. Or perhaps you’re just starting out and need someone to show you the ropes?

This is where you start…

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