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A Truly Business-Focused Marketing Course, that Delivers Results, Fast!

There is a bewildering array of marketing courses, programmes and study opportunities for the aspiring Marketer and Business Owner. You can choose from distance learning, webinars, online courses, college courses, etc.

We believe that The PUSH Academy has a significant edge; this Programme will integrate directly with your own business in real-time and ensure you have a structured plan to follow.

Here you can read about the Foundation Course and download the full Prospectus (PDF version) – Click Here Now

Academy ProspectusUnlike other programmes, where you study, pass your exam and then go away to consider how you’re actually going to use this new knowledge, The PUSH Academy has been designed to work in parallel with your existing business and as you learn. This marketing course is very much hands on and will enable you to start working on developing your business from Day 1.

Whether you’re running a completely new business start-up, fledgling or long-standing enterprise, this Programme has been written with ‘direct action’ in mind. Whilst you’re exposed to the theory of solid marketing strategy and business growth tactics, you will also be expected to actually apply this knowledge, live in your business, as you progress through the four-month marketing course.

This Programme is frequently re-written to ensure it is up-to-the-minute and incorporates effective and proven Core Business Knowledge. We have reviewed other programme offerings and for the most part they represent a marketing approach that is rapidly falling behind and being replaced by news ideas and applications.

Many are clearly rehashed material that was out of date over ten years ago and in no way reflects the significant changes that we are witnessing in the business environment today. As such, they’re really little more than an academic exercise.

If you are serious about learning how to market your products and/or services, and if you want your efforts to translate into profitable sales and solid customer-relationships, then you need to be applying cutting-edge tactics that are known to work. You also need to keep up with the pack.

Attending a marketing course with a track record of proven results will give you the confidence to set out a new plan and follow it with conviction.

View Full Course Details ButtonYou’ll be learning from people with knowledge, experience and a solid reputation. The PUSH is a live and operational marketing and business consultancy led by Nial Adams, acclaimed marketer and author of Make Marketing Work. As such, we work with numerous clients, from all sectors, using the latest marketing methods and applications to create tangible results. The PUSH Academy shares this knowledge and experience with you through our Foundation Marketing Course.

Unlike some educational establishments, your Tutors are all involved in not only running businesses but also in supporting and developing the enterprises of others. Principal Tutor, Nial Adams, gained a reputation for his practical approach and real world marketing tactics. You’ll be learning strategies and tactics that are used not only by our clients but also applied in our own business – we walk our talk!

“Marketing is a fast moving industry where the only truth is the result created; everything else is really just ego!”

Nial Adams, Principal Tutor,

Course Prospectus Summary

The Foundation Course from The PUSH Marketing Academy

Effective Learning & Support that can be managed around your business commitments

As a student on our Foundation Marketing Course you will benefit from one Group Study Day each month under the direction and supervision of the Principal Tutor. These monthly course events are the four cornerstones of your learning path. You’ll be exposed to new ideas, solid marketing practice and a dynamic exchange of group contribution.

Working from the structured Programme, you’ll be completing study material that will result in you having clear direction and planning, as well as a firm understanding of how this will be applied directly in your business operation. This will enable you to begin the process of creating a powerful business growth plan.

Real-time Learning and Growth

The key ingredient that sets this Marketing Course apart from others, is that you will learn practical marketing and business growth skills that you will begin to apply to your business as you start to learn. This is very different to most academic-study courses, where you learn, complete the course and are then expected to know how to apply what you’ve been learning. With the PUSH Academy, the process of application begins on your first day of learning.

venueAs well as a new Marketing Plan, you will also have personal 1-2-1 Mentor Time to review your work progress, check and enhance your understanding. This personal attention will allow you to fill in any blanks and also focus on the areas that you feel are most relevant to your practical business needs.

Informal Peer Group Sessions will also be available for you to attend and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences as you and your fellow delegates progress.

… it’s not all about study; we want you to have fun and enjoy your time with the Academy!

Value and Complete Confidence

Unlike the majority of courses provided, we have built our offering on a well-considered commercial basis. We know what it’s like to run a business and the need to ensure that every penny invested is wisely spent. We have built our Academy free of the restraints of publicly funded monies, although some of our students may be eligible to receive funding and support.

There is no pass/fail criteria to score and our acid-test of success is your ability to use your new-found knowledge to grow your enterprise.

Our Programme has been priced to remain highly competitive, accessible to the small business owner keen to control budgets and comes with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. As a commercial operation we understand the need to give you complete confidence and peace of mind.

That’s why our Academy offers you a 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. Here it is…

If at the end of the first training, you’re not convinced this Programme will benefit you and your business, you can exit the marketing course with no further fees to pay and a full refund (Terms & Conditions apply).

Fun and Engaging

There can be no doubt that the majority of us enjoy learning in a relaxed, informal and fun environment. These are all core values for learning with our Academy. Group Study Days take place in the tranquil and prestigious location of our chosen venue at Drayton Old Lodge, just outside Norwich, Norfolk. Free parking is provided as well as business services on site, should you require them. Your comfort and enjoyment are an integral part of your learning with us.

As a private study course, we are not bound by the budgetary restrictions of main-stream government funded education programmes. As such the course has been designed around the needs of our delegates, this means you have the time and space to relax and absorb the new knowledge you’ll be exposed to. All catering requirements are also taken care of, together with full study materials, which means you simply need to attend with an open and willing state of mind.

CPD Accreditation

As this Programme is commercially-focused, designed for you to apply in your business and not merely for the purposes of qualification, there is no pass/fail criteria. Your success will be measured personally by your ability to take your new knowledge and integrate it within your business or organisation. As a structured Programme, with defined Core Modules and dedicated study time you will be awarded a Certificate of Continual Professional Development. This can be submitted to your employer or HR Officer for inclusion in your personal CPD File.

Please Note; this course has no final qualification or exam. There will be study checks during the Programme to ensure learning way-points are reached.

Our Diversity Policy

As a professional learning provider The PUSH Academy has solid values around diversity and inclusion. We make no distinction or place any condition on delegates and operate on an open and transparent policy towards all, regardless of race, gender, age or physical ability.

Who Is This Programme For?

The Programme has been written for business owners and managers who have an awareness that there’s something currently missing in their approach to marketing and overall growth. It is NOT industry specific; we welcome applicants from any types of business. We have also made this course relevant to those in start-up or pre-start-up. If you’re just taking your first steps into the world of enterprise this will give you a massive kick start. Our aim is to help save you years of pain and wasted resources trying to learn what actually works. It’s a fast-track to business success.

If you are an existing business owner/manager, the program will help you to make the appropriate changes needed to drive your business forward. Each Course Term has a maximum of 15 delegates. This ensures the highest quality of training and personal attention. This Course is open to applicants aged 18 and above.

Working with Employees

If you would like to attend our Course as an employee please contact us about this. We do accept employee applicants. Employees require sufficient time to attend Group Study Days and benefit from 1-2-1 Mentor sessions.

Core Modules On Marketing

Tier One

Tier One content on this Course represents the foundation elements of the Programme. This is essential and will provide you with the basis on which to build your knowledge. As with every subject you need to have a solid grounding in the essential basics and use this as your foundation.

This Tier Includes:

  • Founding Principles of Marketing & Business Growth
  • Structure, Planning and Direction
  • Working with Budgets and Resource
  • Define Your Business & Build Your Proposition
  • Establish Your Marketing Assets
  • Brand Building vs. Direct Marketing
  • Establishing Customer Value
  • Permission Based Marketing

Tier Two

Tier Two is designed to take your basic knowledge to the next level. In this part of the Programme you will learn advanced marketing Strategies and Tactics that will accelerate and multiply your results.

This Tier includes:

  • Integrating your Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Synchronising Multiple Marketing Channels
  • Creating Leverage and Hyper-Leverage in your Marketing
  • How to Write Effective Sales and Marketing Copy
  • Understanding & Using PR
  • How to Joint Venture & Collaborate
  • Using Social Media for growth

N.B. On this 4-month Programme you will learn and complete both Tier One and Tier Two modules

Course Fees

Our approach to Course Fees is very simple and totally transparent. The four-month Programme is divided into equal payment periods giving you the chance to pay your fees as you progress through the course. On enrolment we ask you to make a commitment to attending the entire course. This is a 4-month Programme and comprises Group Study Days, 1-2-1 Tutor Mentoring and informal Peer Group sessions. You’ll also receive full Programme Notes, as well as additional material, such as reading lists, etc.

Total Monthly fees £295.00  (NB. This is a four month course)

This includes:

  • One Group Study Day per month at our course location
  • Up to 2hrs 1-2-1 Tutor mentoring per month (face-to-face or remote, as mutually agreed)
  • Up to four informal Peer Group Sessions – normally evening meetings
  • All Course Programme Materials
  • Your Course Completion and CPD Certification

Grant Funding Training in Norfolk

The current state of grant funding for business training is in a state of flux at present although potentially there are some opportunities still available to access financial support for this. We do not sell this Programme on the benefit of ‘free training money’ as some organisations choose to do but rather on the merits of our Programme and the potential value of it to your business.

If you do decide to obtain any form of financial support through grant funding this is independent of our fees policy and at your own discretion. We are not able to accept payment for Course Fees from any third parties and do not make applications for funding on behalf of students. We will however provide receipted invoices (for fees received as cleared funds) which may be used to (re)claim training fees.

Fees & Funding

Course Fees – 2014 – £295.00 per training month – this is a four-month course. Total training package, including all training seminars and workshops, all training manuals and materials, personal 1-2-1 Tutor Mentoring and Learner support = £1180.00

Your entry fee – first month’s payment – must be lodged and cleared prior to the first Group Study Day. Fees are accepted by BACS payment, or through PayPal (cheque payment subject to handling charge). No refunds are provided once the Course has commenced (unless the Course is cancelled). A receipted invoice is issued for each of the four monthly payments for your tax records – please remember; the full cost of your Course is a valid tax deductible expense.

Course Viability

We need to ensure that we have sufficient numbers of students for each of our Courses. In the unlikely event that we do not achieve the required numbers to run a course, we will offer you a replacement learning opportunity. If this is not possible you will receive a full refund of any fees paid.

CPD Recognition

This Marketing Programme has been written from a practical perspective and is designed to give you the tools needed to form a solid marketing platform within your business or enterprise. During the Course you will accrue CPD credits that can be included in your professional development plan. At the end of the Course you’ll receive a Certificate of Accomplishment with your CPD Credits.

 Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

The PUSH Academy practices the very principle it teaches others. We believe passionately that commercial success is wedded to delivering value. As such, we also adopt this concept in our fees policy by giving you complete peace of mind with our Risk Reversal Policy below –

We Guarantee…

“We guarantee you the best quality of tuition and support, from a Programme that puts your needs and objectives at the core. We also want every course student to feel completely satisfied in the decision to invest in our Programme. Our fees are therefore backed with a no-quibble guarantee: If you complete the first month of the Programme and feel that we are not delivering a well-structured, practical and authentic offering, you can make a full claim to recover 100% of the fees paid and exit the course.”

Please Note; the success resulting from the practical application of the learning you will enjoy is directly related to your willingness to apply this knowledge. We cannot, as with any ethical marketing consultancy or training organisation, guarantee any specific level of results or outcome.



  1. Please ensure you have read this Prospectus fully and understand all the information supplied. If you have any questions please contact us direct.
  2. Complete the Application Form supplied. This should be emailed back to us via:
  3. We will review your application and advise you if this has been accepted. We may ask for further information from you in order to fully consider your application.
  4. You will receive confirmation of your place and invoiced for your first month of training; this should be received from us by the required date.
  5. Once your course place is confirmed and deposit fee received, you will get full enrolment instructions prior to attending the first Group Study Day.
  6. Attend the first training session – Congratulations and Welcome to The PUSH Academy!

The Academy Scholarship

In every term the Academy aims to award one Scholarship placement to a deserving individual. This Scholarship is awarded based on application and the merit of the individual case. In general, the Academy looks for applications from those who can demonstrate a strong desire to learn and apply this learning, entrepreneurial flair and circumstances that suggest the individual would benefit from this Scholarship to ease financial and/or other challenges.

Scholarship applications are available on request and we prefer applications that are supported by a third-party recommendation and endorsement.

Our Alumni

One of the many benefits of sharing a learning experience with other like-minded individuals is the bond that forms within small groups. We very much hope that as you progress through this Course you’ll find an affinity with others on the Course. To ensure that you continually grow and develop your learning we will invite you to become a member of our Academy Alumni.

We will facilitate ways for you to stay connected with your peers, through social media groups but also through regular formal and informal gatherings. We encourage you to continue the sharing of best practice and your experiences as you progress.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Not surprisingly we think we have a great Programme to offer you. And we think that you will gain massive benefit from investing your time in it. However, the real value in this is surely demonstrated by those who have already been through our Programme. With this in mind we think you will find it interesting to read a testimonial from one of our former Delegates, Steve Gaskin.

“I have known Nial Adams for the past three years, having originally met him through the Antidote Network and attended one of his marketing presentations. Prior to forming and running our company, Right Angle Events, I was a Senior police officer in London. Since starting the business we have experienced good growth and have won several awards.

Like all good companies, we carry out strategic reviews of all aspects of the business, it helps us stay focused and improve. Our marketing was highlighted as a clear weakness. If, when I was in the police force, we identified a weakness we knew it had to be dealt with. It is the same with marketing! I don’t want to be caught again!

I became an student on PUSH Marketing Academy, run by The PUSH, based in Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk. Together with other local business people, we started the experience; I use the word “experience” because a marketing “course” sounds bland and uninspiring. The PUSH Academy has designed an experience which is practical and is meant to have a rapid and direct impact on the business.

Nial’s experience and enthusiasm is infectious. This instills a great feeling of positivity and has given me even more confidence to develop our marketing. In fact, after the first course meeting and listening to Nial I followed his advice and I secured a new contract in London for nearly £1,000 just 48hrs later. This is just the start of an exciting experience over the next few months. I would highly recommend this different, exciting and inspirational experience, which has and will continue to increase my bottom line!”

Steve Gaskin
Co-Director of Right Angle Events


Prospectus Disclaimer

The information in this prospectus is correct at the time of publication, but it does not form any part of a contract between The PUSH Academy and the learner. The PUSH Academy, or any department associated with Academy, does not hold itself liable for any actions taken as a result of the information given in the prospectus. Courses may be subject to occasional changes. The PUSH Academy maintains the right to close any class which is not viable.