Marketing Training in Norwich from The PUSH Academy

A Personal Invitation from Nial Adams – Principal Tutor

“Do you feel it’s time to tackle that challenging subject; your marketing?

Perhaps you know you’ve got a great product or service but you still struggle to find the right people to buy from you?!  No matter what you try you just can’t find enough customers… if so, you’re not alone and this is the No. 1 issue for most business owners in the UK right now.

In fact, you might be surprised to know that you’re just like many of the businesses owners out there!

This is why smart business owners seek out Marketing Training that can help them grow their business fast. If you want to grow your business you need to learn how marketing really works, using today’s technology and fundamental tactics.

In over twenty years in business I’ve met thousands of business owners, mostly from the SME sector.  A very large proportion of these people all struggle with one common difficulty; knowing how best to take their product or service into the marketplace and make marketing a profitable exercise.

When it comes to marketing it’s not just about knowing how you want your logo to look or what you want people to read on your website; in fact, it’s far more fundamental than that. This is where marketing training and application can help you build your business fast.

Very few business owners, and especially the ones who are in their first venture, have ever been taught the basic mechanics of good marketing practice, things like:

Knowing how to clearly define and communicate your product or offer, so people understand what you’re all about…Learning how to build a simple ‘customer journey’ through your marketing so people can make a quick and confident buying decision about your products or services…

Being aware of how you can use a simple calculation to work out how much you should be spending on marketing and getting profitable results…

Understanding why a simple marketing plan will keep you on track and ensure you can produce consistent and measurable results…

I’ve seen lots of good businesses struggle on in the hope that things will change; of course they often do, unless the business owner/manager is prepared to do something different.

Even more importantly, it’s amazing to think that good marketing, the sort that puts money into your business and not just take it out, is actually really very simple when you know how.

Over a decade ago I was very fortunate, in that I had the benefit of one of Europe’s top marketing experts (specialising in small business) to teach and mentor me personally for over two years. The marketing training he gave helped me to understand how businesses really work.  He taught me the simple mechanics and fundamentals of good solid marketing and sales.  That knowledge has served me well, and even more importantly, helped my clients make hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales!

“Nial, I’m getting there! Very busy, which is great. Had the daft idea to look at my cashflow forecast, which I did when I first started. Apparently I’ve hit my month 30 target for cash in by month 7!! – That’ll teach me to work with you!!”  David Nicolls – Property Tax Specialist

Now I want to share this with you… and show you how knowledge and the right application of these principles can create fast improvements in your business.

This is simple knowledge about good business practice that every small business owner or manager can benefit from.  And just like my clients who have adopted these and seen the results for themselves, you can learn how to build a better and more successful business.

I created the Academy to give business owners and manages an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, set down clear plans and actions to follow and benefit from direct support of those who have experience and knowledge proven to deliver results.

So I invite you to take the next step and seriously consider the value of investing in good marketing training. Then download our Current Course Prospectus to find our more about this Business Development Course that will help propel your marketing results.

Check out our course testimonials from previous students to see how you could also benefit.

I look forward to welcoming you to The PUSH Academy!

Nial Adams

PS. If you’d like to know more about our marketing training courses in Norfolk, or discuss your current situation and get some clarity and advice, please call me personally – 0843 289 6877