The PUSH Marketing Course – Student Testimonial

Martin Reynolds, a former Course Delegate kindly provided the following testimonial of his recent experience of The PUSH Marketing Course –

“I knew that I needed help with my marketing for my business. I’ve tried a lot of things in the past but never really had a plan. The PUSH Academy and Nial Adams in particular had come very highly recommended to me. So I decided to invest in myself and join the programme. I wasn’t disappointed!

“The training and support has been excellent, the whole course and material is so in-depth but not in a way that I couldn’t get to grips with it. Nial has a natural way of putting the content across in a relaxed and simplified manner that is easy to understand and grasp, but is still very effective.

“Since participating in this marketing course I have completely re-focused my business model and marketing plan and it has quite simply helped me to look at where my business is going and where I want to take it. The results so far have been very impressive!

“I would quite simply say that you, or your business, can’t afford NOT to be on Nial’s next Academy term because I can guarantee that if you put Nial’s methods to good use then your business will grow and benefit!

It’s as simple as that!”

Martin Reynolds –

Martin Reynolds