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Helping you get the knowledge and support you need to make your new business a success – Nial Adams, Principal Tutor, The PUSH Academy in Norfolk.

Nial Adams PUSH Academy Principal Tutor“If you’re brand new to business and you’re either thinking about starting your own, or you’re in the early stages of setting up, I want to help you get it right first time.” – Nial Adams

Here at The PUSH Academy it’s our aim to help you cut the learning curve and avoid the common mistakes that so many people do when starting a new business. Firstly, I’d like to dispel a common and very dangerous myth about starting your own business.

Myth #1 – Passion is not enough! There was a time when the cliche of being passionate was heard everywhere. Today I still meet people who are new to business who express an almost uncontrollable ‘passion’ for what they do and the business they want to grow. Of course, I’m not knocking the idea of being ‘passionate’, it’s an essential ingredient and, quite frankly if you’re not passionate about what you do… then go do something else!

However, what I’ve learned in over 20 years of business experience, is that there is a false belief that being passionate will be enough to ensure you  survive and grow to become successful. This just isn’t the case. Yes, you need to know your subject and be able to win trust in your customers, clients and consumers, bit more than this you need to learn how to run a successful business.

In the E-Myth by Michael Gerber (a highly recommended title if you want to start your own business) he explains this exact point. It’s not good enough to know about your subject or be an ‘expert technician’ , you need to become knowledgeable about being in business and learn what really makes a business successful, sustainable and most of all profitable.

This is why I strongly believe in the value of good business training. There are several fundamentals you need to learn, including how to set up the structure of your business, know how to create and deliver good products and services in a way that is both ethical and appropriate to your target customer base.

At the top of the list for business know-how is the subject of Sales and Marketing. In over 15 years as a business consultant I’ve seen and met hundreds of business owners who had a great product but had no idea how to create a sale and marketing function to actually turn their ‘idea’ into money. The fact is that there is no substitute for this knowledge. Sure, you can hire in good people but at a fundamental level you still need to be able to understand HOW and WHY good sales and marketing produces a positive result.

Starting your own business is a time filled with excitement, anticipation and probably a lot of uncertainty. Perhaps you’ve been in business before, you may have even started other new businesses in the past, with varying degrees of success. So you’ll recognise that what I’m encouraging you to focus on really is at the core of your new start-up business.

Now the good news!

The great news is that there is an abundance of opportunity to learn good business skills and get the knowledge that will help you build a fast track to success, rather than watch your new start-up business limp along and eventually fail. The golden rule here is really simple; learn from others who have a proven track record. Listen to people who can prove that their knowledge actually makes a difference to the bottom line.

My first recommendation is to make a short-list of the things that you really need to know to confidently start your own business.

This could include things like:

Accountancy – basic knowledge that will help you keep control of your finances; especially important if you start your own business for the first time.

Business Management – you need to learn the principles of working with other, your team, your suppliers and most of all your customers. Good business management is about creating structure and process. Everything in your business should have a structure and follow a prescribed process. Your new business should quickly  grow to become a ‘system of systems’.

Sales Process – every business needs to have a sales process and this should be constantly tested and improved where possible. This includes learning about the process and application of selling. This begins with marketing, moves through the transaction process and continues as Customer Service.

Marketing – far too often new start-up businesses simple expect the sales to come to them and consider marketing something they can deal with later. Attention; no matter what you sell or do, your business IS A MARKETING BUSINESS. You need to understand this and be prepared to learn what really makes marketing work.

There are many other areas of business knowledge you may feel you need help and guidance on and the great news is that it exists already, all you need to do is seek out good advice, from people who can evidence the value of their knowledge and then get started.

Here at The PUSH Academy we focus on the main issue of marketing your new business. However, the training, mentoring and support we provide is not the usual bite-size training approach, where the academic study, mostly for the sake of interest, is the only real outcome. Instead, we’ve used over fifteen years of real-life business experience to create a Marketing Course that is designed to give you three things:

1. Core Business Knowledge – this is the basis of good business management

2. A solid Plan of Action – we teach and support students as they create a Marketing Plan, specific to their needs

3. Personal and Direct Support – learning is not enough, you need to have someone to keep you on track and guide you.

Start Your Own Business – a Flying Start!

Through the Regional Enterprise Gateway we deliver a range of training and support, so if you’re starting your own business you have a single point of contact where you can get the knowledge and help you’re going to need.

Our Foundation Marketing Course is the best place to start and through the REG we are delighted to offer you access to Free Training Credits to help support the cost of this learning. Please Note; we are not a government funded scheme that provides ‘free training’. What we are is a well-established, credible and highly acclaimed learning and Development provider, with the tools and resources to give you a flying start.

Your Next Step –

If, after having read the above, you realise that your knowledge of business skills is not yet adequate, or if you’ve tried things and never achieved the result you want, then we recommend you review our Course Prospectus and read the testimony of previous Students who have gained significantly from investing in themselves and their business.

Or contact us direct now on 0843 289 6877

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