Marketing Course Student Testimonial –

Talib Fehlhaber, of Rapid Defence kindly supplied this testimonial of his his experience as a student of The PUSH Academy and our Foundation Marketing Course –

“Conventional wisdom tells us that fifty percent of all your marketing is a waste of time and money, the trick is to find out which half to avoid. I have been running my own full time martial arts business since 2004 and very much learned the hard way of what works and what doesn’t. I’m also an avid reader and like to experiment with news ideas and strategies. And therein lies the problem. Although I knew quite a bit about marketing I was lacking the necessary focus and planning to maximise my overall as well as my daily marketing efforts.

Along came Nial Adams and invited me onto his four month part-time marketing course. To be honest I was initially a bit hesitant, having been quite active on the seminar circuit, I was probably going to be a bit ahead of the crowd. However, I had known Nial for several years and have always been happy to listen to his quality input, so I accepted his invitation and went along and I am glad I did.

This marketing course is very well planned and laid out and there is a lot of room for individual input and attention. The peer group meetings and the one-on-one sessions that go hand-in-hand with the full day tutorials help to make the course incredibly tailor-made to the participants needs.

Nial’s vast experience on the subject and his very practical insights are what makes this course an invaluable experience. The aim of the course is to provide every graduate with a customised and practical marketing plan and it delivers just that.

I have come out of the course with a completely new perspective on the kind of market sector I need to focus on. Let me explain. When I first started to turn my hobby into a business I did what I enjoyed doing and simply hoped that people would just be like me and buy into my passion. The focus was on what I wanted and not so much what my clients/students were looking for. Don’t get me wrong I was and still am, making a very decent living out of it, but I was putting the cart before the horse.

With a newly found clarity my marketing is now re-focused and targeted on more ready and hopefully more profitable sectors. Not only has Nial given me fresh insights he also has confirmed a lot of my current thinking, which I believe is equally important.

I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Nial Adams and his PUSH Academy to anyone wanting to boost their marketing, regardless of previous knowledge and experience. Sometimes you just need to that extra PUSH to succeed.”

Talib Fehlhaber

Author, Mentor, Martial Arts Instructor