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Talib Fehlhaber – Rapid Defence

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“I have known Nial Adams for the past three years, having originally met him through the Antidote Network and attended one of his marketing presentations.

Prior to forming and running our company, Right Angle Events, I was a Senior police officer in London.  Since starting the business we have experienced good growth and have won several awards. Like all good companies, we carry out strategic reviews of all aspects of the business, it helps us stay focused and improve. Our marketing was highlighted as a clear weakness.

If, when I was in the police force, we identified a weakness we knew it had to be dealt with. It is the same with marketing! I don’t want to be caught again!

testimonialsIn 2010 I became an inaugural student on The PUSH Academy, run by Nial Adams and his PUSH Marketing Team, based in Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk.

Together with other local business people, we started the Experience in October 2010. I use the word “Experience” because a marketing “course” sounds bland and uninspiring.

Nial has designed an experience which is practical and is meant to have a rapid and direct impact on the business. His experience and enthusiasm is infectious. This instils a great feeling of positivity and has given me even more confidence to develop our marketing.

In fact, after the first course meeting and listening to Nial I followed his advice and I secured a new contract in London for nearly £1000, just 48hrs later. This is just the start of an exciting experience over the next few months.

I would highly recommend this different, exciting and inspirational Experience, which has and will continue to increase my bottom line!”

Steve Gaskin

Co-Director of Right Angle Events

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